BERA 1 Final Synthesis Webinar

Webinar Summary

Members of the Boreal Ecosystem Recovery and Assessment (BERA) project held their final synthesis webinar on April 30, 2020. While the event was originally planned as a full-day, in-person workshop, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a change to a two-hour webinar format. This meant that we had to cut a lot of planned activities and shorten up remaining presentations, but the event went ahead regardless! BERA Co-Investigators presented the main findings and contributions of BERA researchers from the five-year “Phase 1” period of BERA (2015-2020). The emphasis was on the knowledge gained and planning tools designed to assist researchers and resource managers engaged in boreal restoration activities. The webinar started with an introduction to BERA and it’s guiding question – When is human footprint in the boreal forest no longer “footprint”? – and an overview of the specific research questions addressed by the team. Team leaders then presented short synthesis talks highlighting lessons learned from each of the five BERA groups: (i) remote sensing, (ii) soils and ecohydrology, (iii) vegetation, (iv) wildlife, and (v) internet of things. A recording of the full webinar is provided below.  We also invite you to browse the 43 project summaries at the bottom of the page. We want to thank our partners and collaborators for their active engagement and support. We are excited to present the findings from our first phase of BERA, and look forward to more great research in BERA 2.  

Project Summaries

 Remote Sensing Team

Soils and Ecohydrology Team

Vegetation Team

Wildlife Team

Internet of Things (IoT) Team