Remote Sensing Team

Greg McDermid, Remote Sensing Team Lead

Greg is a geospatial scientist whose research activities revolve around the application of remote sensing and other geospatial technologies to environmental monitoring and ecology. He is involved in a wide variety of interdisciplinary research collaborations in the fields of wildlife ecology, biodiversity assessment, ecological monitoring, plant-phenology assessment, and vegetation mapping. He’s interested in a broad range of remote sensing and other GIScience pursuits, including UAVs, cloud computing, environmental modelling, and data fusion/integration.

Colette Shellian, MSc Student

Colette is a Master’s student with interests in forest ecology and using remote sensing techniques to understand forest regeneration in fragmented landscapes. Her current research investigates factors that influence seedling growth on seismic lines. In her spare time, Colette loves spending time in the mountains- whether it be hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking or skiing.

Silvia Losada, MSc Student

Silvia’s research project is focused on using multi-band and single-band LiDAR to map and characterize various understory vegetation attributes, such as volume, height, density, coverage, and species composition. This involves testing different point cloud metric extraction approaches such as the multispectral information from the multi-band LiDAR and conducting a voxel (volumetric pixel) analysis. The second component of this project will integrate the characterized understory maps and extracted data with bird location data to conduct modelling of bird habitat preference.