BERA Tools

The Forest Line Mapper (FLM) is the first of a series of geospatial software tools designed to assist researchers and land managers working in and around linear-feature disturbances in forests.

Most linear-feature databases work fine for cartographic purposes but are not up to the demands of detailed research and restoration planning. The FLM transforms existing linear-feature layers into accurate, attribute-rich inventories that rival – and in many cases exceed – what could be created by hand digitizing.

Downloads and documentation for the free, open-source FLM can be found here.

A peer-reviewed journal article describing the workflows employed by FLM, plus an accuracy assessment, can be found here.

The Forest Line Mapper: A Semi-Automated Tool for Mapping Linear Disturbances in Forests
GL Queiroz, GJ McDermid, MM Rahman, J Linke
Remote Sensing 12 (24), 4176