Strategic Priorities and Tactical Deliverables

There are four themes within BERA: Vegetation, Soils and Ecohydrology, Humans and Wildlife, and Remote Sensing. Each theme addresses one or two strategic priorities that are coupled with one or more tactical deliverables (below). These tactical deliverables are the specific targets for BERA’s models and planning tools.

Each theme dives deeper into the complex systems that give rise to our specific list of associated projects .

BERA Theme

Strategic Priority

Tactical Deliverables



1. Promote Return to Forest Cover

A. Growth & Survival

Growth = Height Increment of Trees (cm)

Survival = Percent Alive Seedlings

B. Abundance

Abundance = Density of Trees (#/ha) and Shrubs (% cover)

C. Height

Height = Average Height (m) of Trees/Shrubs


2. Restore Natural Carbon Dynamics

A. CH4 Flux

CH4 flux (g/m2/yr) relative to adjacent reference ecosystem

B. Soil Carbon Stock

C stock (top 1 m upland, full organic soil in lowland) g/m2

C. Ecosystem C Stock

C stock in soil + biomass (understory + overstory) g/m2

D. CO2 Emissions

Derived from a change in C stock (g/m2/yr) relative to adjacent reference ecosystem


3. Maintain Wildlife Habitat

A. Animal Use

Animal (bird, small mammal) abundance (#/ha) in relation to line width, vegetation and human use/pollutants

4. Enhance Caribou Habitat

B. Human Use

Vehicle use per unit of time

Remote Sensing

5. Restoration Assessment

A. Line Conditions


Physical dimensions, functional recovery status, surface topography, solar irradiance, water-table position, human use

B. Matrix Conditions

Canopy structure, understory structure

C. Edge Conditions

Edge effects

6. Restoration Monitoring

D. Seedling/Sapling Detection


E. Seedling/Sapling Attribution

Density, height

F. Other vegetation

Height, percent cover