Soils and Ecohydrology Team

Maria Strack, Soils and Ecohydrology Team Lead

Maria’s current research focuses on peatland greenhouse gas fluxes in both natural and disturbed ecosystems. She collaborates on several peatland restoration projects across Canada involving restoration of sites used for horticultural peat extraction, former well-pads and roads related to oil extraction, and peatland construction in oil sands mining regions. Her interest in these projects is evaluating the conditions that help to return a carbon accumulation function post-restoration. She is also investigating the potential impact of climate change on peatlands through plot to ecosystem scale manipulation of temperature and water table and evaluating the subsequent changes in soil properties, plant community and greenhouse gas fluxes.

Scott Ketcheson, Canada Research Chair in Hydrological Sustainability

Dr. Ketcheson’s field-based research focusses on water and its availability for wetlands and streams in Alberta. Specifically, he is examining how water moves within and between forests, wetlands and streams. This research will help evaluate the sensitivity of ecosystems to natural and human disturbances, including wildfires, flooding and resource extraction.

Ellie Goud, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ellie is a broadly trained plant scientist and ecologist from Atlantic Canada. Her research addresses the underlying physiological mechanisms structuring patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem function. A common goal throughout her work is understanding how variation in plant traits scale up to impact species distributions and nutrient cycling, with a focus on carbon and water exchange. She is particularly interested in how we can apply this information to solve environmental problems. As such, she works on scientific questions at the interface of plant functional biology, ecosystem science, theoretical and applied ecology.

Lelia Weiland, MSc Student

Lelia Weiland is joining BERA under the supervision of Dr. Scott Ketcheson for her MSc. She just moved from Ontario to Calgary in April. She loves visiting the mountains and experiencing the Alberta outdoors. She enjoys rock climbing, slacklining, and recently took up rowing.

Jennifer Fliesser, MSc Student

Maryam Bayat, PhD Student